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OptiVenn Series

OptiVenn Series
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High System Reliability with Robust Design and Proven Components

Multi-lamps system design reduced the risk of one lamp failure. The mature UV sensors, lamps, drivers and panels have demonstrated reliability in our suite of Aquafine UV systems.

Maximum Installation Flexibility

The flexible design of the treatment chamber and control panel make it very easy to fit OptiVenn into different pipe design and limited installation space. 1. Treatment chamber can be rotated on 4 different angles. 2. The control panel can be mounted in different locations.

Compact Footprint

Optimized chamber design and product flexibility enables cost-effective installation in extremely compact spaces.

Delivering Water Confidence and Comprehensive Warranty

Aquafine UV Systems include a Lifetime Performance Guarantee and industry-leading warranty for systems and parts.


Application: Disinfection, Ozone destruction, TOC reduction
Control Panel: Small - 16"x16"x7"
Medium - 16"x20"x9"
Large - 22"x23"x9"
Control Panel Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Control Panel Rating: UL-Nema Type 1 (IP51), UL-Nema Type 12 (IP54), with fan.
Lamp Type: Low-pressure high-output lamps (LPHO)
Number of Lamps: From 1 to 12 lamps
Treatment chamber: Large - 60" long
  Medium - 30" long
  Small - 15" long
Treatment Chamber Material: 316L Stainless Steel