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MPR Series

Series: MPR
USD Price: Contact Aquafine

Our MPR systems meet and exceed the diverse needs of market-specific applications for disinfection and chloramines reduction.

The MPR series consists of 316L stainless steel, matte finish treatment chamber and a UL Type 12 painted carbon steel control cabinet, featuring a microprocessor-based controller an optional automatic wiper.

The incorporation of MP high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamps reduces the number of lamps by 90%, reducing footprint, downtime requirements, installation and maintenance costs.

All systems in the series are CE compliant, as well as cULus and NSF 50 certified.

FLOWRATES: 786-2,895gpm @ 95%UVT
MARKETS: Food & Beverage, Recreational Water
APPLICATIONS: Chloramines Destruction, Disinfection

Download the Marketing Brief from the “Downloads” tab for full specifications, features and options.