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History of Aquafine

Aquafine Corporation was founded in 1949 by Louis Veloz, a Westinghouse scientist and pioneer in the development of commercial UV lamps for use in air and water purification.

Introducing the use of UV technology in the semiconductor industry in the early 1960s, Aquafine continues to be the leader, expanding the product offering to meet the changing requirements of commercial water treatment.

Aquafine & Trojan Technologies

In 2005, Aquafine became part of the Trojan Technologies group of Businesses.
This combined entity is uniquely positioned to offer the marketplace with the best available technologies, conduct leading-edge research, develop innovative product offerings, and offer the highest quality in customer support.
Early Aquafine Liquid Sterilizer
Early Aquafine Liquid Sterilizer Unit

More About Aquafine

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