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Below find a library of resources that can be viewed or downloaded to further enhance your understanding of Aquafine and our UV technology.

Case Studies

  • Download the Camanchaca Salmon Hatchery Case Study [pdf: 190 KB]
    Camanchaca Salmon Hatchery is located in Petrohué, in the southern part of Chile and is the largest recirculation fish farm in Chile, producing millions of smolts per year. The Hatchery’s UV upgrade project began in June 2015 in response to the eruption of the Calbuco volcano.
  • Download the Camanchaca Salmon Hatchery Case Study SPANISH [pdf: 189 KB]
  • Download the Iron Gate Hatchery Case Study [pdf: 178.27 KB]
    Located on the Klamath River in Hornbrook, California, Iron Gate Hatchery is a salmon and steelhead hatchery that releases fish back to the Klamath River. Due to the presence of the fungus Saprolegnia sp and primarily bacteria (Flavobacterium psychrophila and Metallogenium sp), hatchery yield is thwarted due to disease.
  • Download the Recreational Waters/Chloramines Case Study [pdf: 1,230 KB]
    In the Aquatic Center at this Division 1 University in Ohio, the reduction, control, and management of chloramines was an on-going challenge particularly in the leisure spa, leisure pool, recreational lap pool, and dive spa.
  • Download the Power Generation/TOC Reduction Case Study [pdf: 609 KB]
    The Forsmark nuclear power plant, in Sweden, is located about 120 km outside of Stockholm. This facility generates 20 – 25 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per annum from three, on site, boiling water reactors. There is a requirement to maintain a TOC level in the reservoir water which is < 100 ppb in order to prevent the formation of acids which lead to potential corrosion issues in the steam turbines.

Technical Briefs





  • Aquafine OptiVenn Series - Lamp and Sleeve Change - This video gives step-by-step instructions for replacing Genuine Quartz Sleeves and UV Lamps in the Aquafine OptiVenn system. Watch the video >>
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