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Microelectronics Market

Our UV systems provide an enhanced approach toward the reduction of trace organics and microbial contamination for ultrapure water

We recognize the challenges faced in the design and construction of a water system for microelectronics production. Being well versed in how all components of a pure water system interrelate ensures optimum performance.

Our UV Systems commonly perform these functions related to ultrapure water used in microelectronics: microbial disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine and chloramines reduction.

For these reasons, more manufacturers around the world trust Aquafine for UV systems, application assistance and support.

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Aquafine Microelectronics UV Systems


UV Applications for Microelectronics

  • TOC Reduction - Ultraviolet (UV) systems are used for the effective reduction of organics, commonly referred to as TOC (total organic carbon).  Reduction of TOC is accomplished by incorporating a 185nm UV system appropriately designed and sized as well as strategically located in conjunction with other equipment.              

  • Disinfection - the most common application of UV light in water treatment. Typical locations in a microelectronics water systems would be Post-carbon filter, pre-RO and post-RO (reverse osmosis).

  • Ozone Destruction - ozone is commonly used in the pre-treatment area of a water system, as well as for sanitizing process and re-circulating systems.

  • Chlorine/Chloramines Destruction - while the addition of chlorine and chloramines to city water may control bacteria levels, they have undesirable effects on the scaling of membrane filtration or RO. UV solves these problems while destroying chlorine, using a small footprint and reducing maintenance costs.

Typical UV Microelectronics Installation Schematic

Aquafine Microelectronics Schematic

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