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Life Sciences

Life Sciences Market

Successfully serving the diverse Life Sciences industries since 1949, Aquafine has the largest installed base of applications in the Life Sciences industry.

Our UV Systems are reliable, deliver consistent performance and have become the brand of choice of WFI (Water-For-Injection) & USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) systems.

Aquafine offers validated systems, providing UV lamp and NIST traceable UV sensor validation with certificates, as well as Bioassay amalgam technology. All systems comply with cGMP and FDA requirements and sanitary connections conform to DIN and USDA 3A standards.

Select models carry the marks of cULus, CE and ANSI/NSF and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, or in skid mounted systems helping to maximize installation flexibility and preserving floor space.

Aquafine OptiVennTM

6 Reasons Why OptiVennTM is the UV Disinfection brand of choice for Life Sciences

The OptiVenn series is a family of robust and flexible UV systems for disinfection and TOC destruction applications with advanced lamp technology. OptiVenn is a cost-effective solution and designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Life Sciences market.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Superior system reliability with robust design and components  
  • Validated lamps with certificates of conformance                                                        
  • Sanitary connections required for Life Sciences market 
  • Over 5,000 installations, while serving industry for over 70 years
  • Maximum installation flexibility with rotatable chamber design
  • Compact footprint and remote mountable control cabinet

Life Sciences Resources               

Aquafine Life Science UV Systems

UV Applications for Life Sciences

  • Disinfection – the most common application of UV in water treatment. 
  • TOC Reduction – the USP 31 regulations require an upper limit of 500ppb for TOC for both Purified Water and WFI. Aquafine uses a powerful 185nm wavelength appropriately sized and designed to meet this application.
  • Ozone Destruction – ozone is commonly used in the pretreatment area of a water system, as well as for sanitizing process and re-circulating systems.
  • Chlorine/Chloramines Destruction - while the addition of chlorine and chloramines to city water may control bacteria levels, they have undesirable effects on the degradation of membrane filtration or RO. Aquafine pioneered the technology of chlorine and chloramines destruction utilizing UV light in the pre-membrane filtration or RO make-up water stream.

Typical UV Pharmaceutical Installation SchematicAquafine Pharmaceutical Schematic

UV Solutions for Adventitious Virus Clearance for Biopharmaceuticals

The risk of viral contamination of a biologics process can be costly to investigate and remediate, severely disrupting manufacturing.

This is driving biopharmaceutical manufacturers to employ mitigation strategies to deal with small non-enveloped viruses. Ultraviolet (UV) technology is an attractive solution for viral clearance (adventitious viruses), where other treatment options may be limited relative to cell culture biologics production.

Aquafine has developing UV treatment technology solutions for the demanding requirements of cell culture biologics media. Aquafine offers manufacturing and engineering expertise in the areas of optics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and analysis, bioassay validation and controls technology.

Aquafine Adventitious UV Technology

  • UVT – Low Ultraviolet Transmittance

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