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Aquafine Corporation Introduces the Sophisticated CSLTM plus Serie

May 4, 2015

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA, USA – May 4th, 2015 – Aquafine is proud to introduce the CSLTM plus Series. For over 60 years, hospital and hotel installations worldwide, as well as Life Sciences and Microelectronics applications have relied on the quality and proven performance of Aquafine’s CSLTM series. Following a review with customers, the proven infrastructure of the CSLTM series has been refined and the result is our sophisticated CSLTM plus series.

We created the new CSLTM plus series to provide more dependable performance, ease-of-use interface operation, simplified maintenance and superb UV lamp output at end-of-lamp life. The universal controller provides maximum versatility, added confidence in the results and future upgrade opportunities. By incorporating the latest Aquafine innovations, our systems not only provide maximum disinfection performance, but, are also easier to install, maintain and operate.

Aquafine has more than 100 engineers, scientists and other associates innovating and manufacturing products for clients’ evolving needs, Aquafine continues leading the way to safer, more efficient UVtreatment solutions. Aquafine's state-of-the-art facility and UV technology allows advanced UV water treatment systems to meet the changing requirements and needs of a diverse customer base around the world. “Aquafine continues to invest in technology that will enable customers to more easily use our systems, as well as, new solutions that help them solve real-time problems. We continue to be successful in meeting these needs by listening closely to our customers and observing how they interact with our products,” says Ric Clark, VP Global Sales and Service, Aquafine.

About Aquafine Corporation
Aquafine is the leading provider of innovative industrial fluid treatments using ultraviolet (UV) technology. Aquafine develops high-performance, eco-friendly products for today’s most demanding UV applications. Whether disinfection, total organic carbon (TOC) reduction, chlorine and chloramines destruction, ozone destruction, or advanced oxidation processes (AOP), Aquafine’s products provide effective UV treatment. Aquafine’s engineers also understand and adhere to global health, safety and environmental standards across various industries and create solutions that exceed the demanding needs of our customers.

About Trojan Technologies
The Trojan Technologies group of businesses offers products under the brands Aquafine, Salsnes Filter, Trojan Marinex, TrojanUV, USP Technologies and VIQUA. Applications and markets served include municipal wastewater, drinking water, environmental contaminant treatment; lamp driver water treatment; residential water treatment; ultra-purification of water used in food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing and semiconductor applications; filtration and solids separation.


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