About Aquafine

Aquafine provides UV solutions worldwide for TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramines destruction, ozone destruction and disinfection with the highest quality in customer support.

Established in 1949, Aquafine Corporation is a Valencia, California-based company recognized as one of the largest ultraviolet equipment manufacturers in the world. Operating as a strategic business unit of Trojan Technologies, Aquafine brings over 80 years of combined experience to the global industry, becoming the ‘center of excellence’ for the collective industrial/commercial base. Read more about Our History.

Our Vision & Mission

Global Leader in Industrial UV Treatment Solutions by Protecting the Health of people; Protecting the Brands and Improving the Quality of consumer goods; Protecting the earths' Environment

Improving People's Lives Daily

Aquafine is proud to contribute and be part of Danaher's (our parent corporation) Shared Purpose - "Helping realize life's potential".

At Aquafine, our focus is not just about the products that we make - it's about a higher calling in how our products and technologies are contributing to the greater good. In this video, learn from Aquafine associates and commercial partners how Danaher's Shared Purpose fits within our overall company strategy.

Our Ultraviolet (UV) Technology and Systems

With thousands of installations worldwide, we recognize that water impurities, compliance to state, federal and international regulations, and equipment reliability are often the most important factors, and we work with our customers to create a strategic partnership.

Our state-of-the-art facility and ultraviolet (UV) technology enables our advanced UV water treatment systems to meet the changing requirements and needs of a diverse customer base. 

Industrial & Commercial Markets Served

  • Aquaculture: Fish hatcheries, grow-out facilities and shellfish cultures.
  • Food & Beverage: Bottled water industry, carbonated & non-carbonated beverages and dairy plants. Food packaging, crop irrigation and meat and poultry processors.
  • Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, hospitals and the prevention of nosocomial Legionalla.
  • Marine: Disinfection of drinking water and wastewater on marine vessels.
  • Microelectronics: Reducing trace organics and microbial contamination for ultrapure water.
  • Oil & Gas: Water systems for enhanced oil recovery, natural gas well fracturing and produced water reuse or disposal.
  • Power Generation: Reducing trace organics and microbial contamination for ultrapure water.
  • Recreational Water: Fountains, swimming pools, aquariums and car washes.

More About Aquafine

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