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.Get Genuine Aquafine UV replacement lamps

If it’s not a Genuine Aquafine part, it shouldn’t be part of your Aquafine system. Each component of an Aquafine system has been designed and developed through extensive research and development to be part of an overall system that operates safely and efficiently over its entire lifetime.

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Buying our Geniuine Aquafine Lamps now in bulk (4-Pack or 32-Pack) has its advantages, namely, saving time and money, constant part availability, as well no disinfection downtime.

Please contact us, or Download the Colorguard Lamp Marketing Brief [pdf: 1,036 KB]. if you're interested in learning more about this special new offering and be sure to reference the new part numbers listed in our

Benefits That Come With Genuine Aquafine Parts

  • Aquafine provides its equipment with a complete Lifetime Performance Guarantee. This encompasses both reactor performance and individual part performance. As long as Genuine Aquafine replacement parts are used in the service of Aquafine equipment, the guarantee remains with the life of the product.
  • The lamp and ballast technology have been tested and validated through proper research and development to ensure the reliability and performance is guaranteed. Applying a competitor lamp which is deemed equivalent without proper testing and validation exposes a large risk in equipment performance.
  • When Genuine Aquafine Equipment and Replacement parts are purchased from the factory, customers have 24 hour access to Aquafine Technical Services Department for ANY and ALL equipment Technical support. Generic replacement parts providers cannot offer this invaluable resource.

Please note: Use of non-compliant parts on your Aquafine equipment voids all system certifications, warranties and validations. Equipment that is out of compliance can not only expose you to legal risk, but jeopardize the performance of your system.

AMPS Promo

Limited Time Offer - Aquafine AMPS Promotion  

For a limited time, we are offering two aftermarket programs parts to support and help you maintain your UV equipment for optimal performance.

  1. Freeze your price for two years with a signing bonus
    With a two year commitment to use Aquafine genuine parts, Aquafine will freeze the price for two years on purchased parts.
  2. Extend your factory equipment warranty free of cost for one year
    If your Aquafine UV system is out of factory warranty or the warranty has expired, this program allows you to extend the factory warranty for one additional year.

For full details on both program, please contact Aquafine or our authorized Aquafine distributors.

Aquafine reserves all rights to modify or terminate the program without further notice.

Genuine Aquafine Lamps vs. Knockoff Lamps 

There are risks associated with knockoff lamps including:

Permit Compliance Issues. Using knockoff lamps could result in low UV lamp output and insufficient UV intensity as well as high bacteria counts.

Increased Labor Costs. Having to replace premature lamp and/or ballast failures, damaged connectors, cables and other parts costs time and money.

Safety Concerns. Using knockoff lamps create the potential for fire, shock and equipments damage and could lead to a loss of electrical and safety certifications, including UL, CSA and CE. 

Download the Total Cost Savings of Genuine Aquafine Lamps [pdf: 117 KB] to learn more about how much non-genuine lamps really cost.

Knockoff Lamp Performance Tests

We’ve conducted a battery of tests on knockoff lamps. In one particular test, we performed an output study on low-pressure high- output (LPHO) UV lamps. The results of the tests showed that knockoff lamps delivered at least 25% less UV output at full power. And when dimmed to 60% power, they delivered only 52% of the output of a Genuine Aquafine Lamp. If you were using these particular knockoff lamps in your system, your delivered UV dose would be drastically reduced, which would have ultimately put your disinfection process and permit compliance at risk.

Get Genuine

As you know, your Aquafine system was designed specifically for your application and based on several different factors, including your plant’s flow rate, water quality and permit. Each component was engineered, tested and certified as a complete disinfection unit, and the type and number of UV lamps installed was carefully selected to ensure the UV dose required to meet permit gets delivered throughout the lamp’s entire lifespan.

3 Quick Tips

1. Just because it fits, doesn't mean it belongs.
2. If it's not a Genuine Aquafine Part, it shouldn't be part of your Aquafine system.
3. Genuine Aquafine Parts can only be ordered through us or your certified representative.

Download the Knockoff Lamp vs. Genuine Aquafine Lamps Resource Guide [pdf: 130.42 KB] - Lean about the risks associated with replacing genuine aquafine lamps with knockoff lamps.

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Genuine Aquafine Replacement Lamps [pdf: 320.80 KB] - This report details a lamp aging evaluation study between Competitor UV lamps and Genuine Aquafine UV lamps.

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