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Aquafine’s UV Aquaculture systems have proven to be unparalleled in performance for over 20 years and have provided a virtually maintenance-free value to customers worldwide.

The lifeblood of today’s aquaculture industry is the water used to incubate fish eggs and rear juvenile fish. Water abundance and purity continue to decline while disease concerns found in source waters continue to increase. Simultaneously, increased consumption of fish has led to growing demands for higher stock densities in the same hatchery footprint.

Fish hatcheries and rearing facilities are evaluating ways to improve the quality of their source water, while offsetting quantity losses through implementation of recirculating water systems.

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Aquafine Aquaculture UV Systems

UV Applications in Aquaculture

  • Disinfection – the most common application of UV in water treatment. UV systems significantly reduce pathogen counts in incubation and rearing facilities and have proven to be the most cost-effective disinfection technology for the inactivation of many types of bacteria, viruses and parasites harmful to many species of fish.
  • Ozone Destruction – ozone is often used in a fish hatchery to enhance the quality of problematic water sources used for incubating and rearing fish. However, residual ozone in the water can be extremely toxic or fatal to the aquatic life being reared. UV light systems are applied to consume the residual ozone in the bulk water prior to contacting the fish.

Typical UV Aquaculture Installation Schematic

Aquafine Aquaculture Typical Installation Schematic

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